TFD installs free smoke detectors in wake of fire death

TOPEKA (KSNT) – A week after the death of a Topeka teenager in a house fire, city fire fighters renewed their push to see more smoke alarms put in use. They went door to door, urging residents in a Downtown Topeka neighborhood to install smoke detectors.

“A smoke alarm is the first line of defense whether it’s a brand new home or whether it’s an older home,” Topeka Fire Marshal Michael Martin said.

The fire department is going house to house in this specific neighborhood because of the fire that happened last week that claimed the life of an 18-year-old girl. Morgan Duncan was sleeping in her bedroom on the second floor of her house when she died.

“After the tragedy that happened around the block the other day I think it’s important for everyone to have a fire detector in their home,” Topeka resident David Douglas said.

So fire fighters installed 45 smoke detectors today, and replaced the batteries in 10 others. Then made sure they were working.

“We’re just really wanting to get out and give people an opportunity to get those smoke alarms installed in their house, to develop a fire safety escape plan and just get some general fire safety information,” Martin said.

And that’s a message Douglas took to heart.

“Me and my wife was talking about this and we were going to get smoke detectors back up in the house,” Douglas said.

And now they don’t have to – after getting some of the new, free, detectors. The Topeka Fire Department has been able to hand out these free detectors with money from a FEMA grant.

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