Topekans get up early to find Black Friday deals

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Black Friday is underway. Shoppers got up bright and early to be first in line for some of the hottest items, with some pulling an all-nighter.

One shopper said “We’ve been out since yesterday, yesterday at 3:30pm… yesterday.” Another said “We’ve been out since like 9 o’clock last night.” But no sleep is okay when it comes to getting what they want. “We’re excited for all the NIKE stuff cause it’s supposed to be a really good sale.” And another says “We’re going to look for some toys for our kids.”

With a line that led from the front door to down the street, businesses like Academy Sports and Outdoors, that experienced its first Black Friday, were ready.

“We got our friendly staff in place, there here to help, them out. Stores clean, merchandised well, everything is priced and we’re ready to go,” says the store manager Josh Gerrett.

The most popular item in the shopping carts for people who are shopping on Black Friday is apparel.

Bikes, sporting equipment and electronics were some of the other items shoppers were looking for.

But shoppers learned Friday that long lines outside meant long lines inside, so patience was a virtue.



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