Families Christmas tree picking signals start of holiday season

WAKARUSA (KSNT) — While some are still dealing with Thanksgiving food-overload… Others just can’t wait for Christmas. Starting with picking out a nice plump Christmas tree.

“It’s a Frazier Fur,” said Jason Morris, tree buyer. “Gorgeous tree just over 8 feet. I love real Christmas trees.”

Really love— since for Morris and his mom- this is will be the “fourth tree Morris puts up in his home this week.

‘Country Christmas Trees’ opened their doors for the 20th year the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Families were so eager to pick out the perfect tree, even owner Eldon Clawson said he saw record sales on opening day.

“We sold 105 trees,” said Eldon Clawson, Owner of Country Christmas Trees.

Competition from artificial tree manufacturers are still a challenge for growers like Clawson — but sales here are up.

“The artificial trees are competition but we like to think that are holding our own. Some people say that the aroma and the feel of something natural is worth them to go that way,” said Clawson.

Although fake Christmas trees are reusable some tree buyers say there’s nothing like the fresh smell of pine.

“We get a fresh tree every year and we’ve been coming out here for a few years now,” Christina Morris. “The kids like to pick out the tree and watch their dad cut it down.”

And if you are still looking for the perfect tree, no matter how big or small there’s a Christmas tree here waiting for you.



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