Carjacking prompts change at Topeka dealerships

TOPEKA (KSNT) – It’s a crime that’s shaken the car dealership community.

“It’s scary, it’s scary,” Tom Hood, General Manager Capital City Nissan said.

While taking a customer on a test drive, salesman Kenneth Gorman was stabbed multiple times in the parking lot of Core First Bank by the driver testing out the car.

“It’s actually shocking, but certainly something that in the back of your mind you are always conscious of,” Tim Tenholder, Sales Manager John Hoffer Chrysler Jeep said.

The suspect was arrested December 4, 2014 and identified as 31-year old Raymond R. Campa of Topeka.

Dealerships in Topeka are acting to protect their employees.

“We’re going to add a bunch more security cameras on our lot,” Hood said.

“We’ll certainly be involved as managers, prior to any test drives taking place, and again making sure the proper documentation, drivers license, insurance cards,” Tenholder said.

The dealerships also mentioned using app’s on their phones was another alternative to staying safe.

“That allows sales people to actually place a customer’s information in to it, and actually notifies all of our management teams so that we know salespersons out on a test drive,” Hood said.

Tenholder used to work with the victim, and doesn’t want any of his salesmen to become another one.

“You just never think that it is going to be you that’s involved in something like this but obviously it’s come to Topeka, Kansas, so everybody needs to be cautious” Tenholder said.

So they prepare, and hope, it never happens again.

The salesman in the attack was released from the hospital on Sunday.

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