BSU at KSU holds Ferguson-related protest

Black Student Union protest of the Ferguson grand jury ruling. Dec. 3, 2014.

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – The Kansas State Student Union was the site of the most recent post-Ferguson demonstration in the state Wednesday.

More than 50 students staged a “lay out” in the building during the lunch hour.

Chants of “justice” and students holding up their hands started off the protest, then everyone  laid on the ground for four and a half minutes – representing the four and a half hours Michael Browns body lay in the street before his body was released by the St. Louis county medical examiner.

Organizers of the event also recited incidents of black Americans being killed by police across the country.

Kansas State’s Black Student Union President Justice Davis say, “it’s bigger than Michael Brown, its bigger than Ferguson Missouri, it’s bigger than just the black community, this is nationwide, this is worldwide, like i said it’s a world problem not just for us.”

Protestors also showed their participation in the protest by wearing black all day.

“It gives us an opportunity to share how we feel and share our voices, through action. And I think it cause’s awareness and awareness is probably one of the most important things to kind getting over the racial hurtles that we have in America,” says Mercedes Perry, the BSU Political Action Delegate.

They plan to take part in a series of vigils Friday night on college campuses across the state.

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