Kansas to join lawsuit challenging Obama immigration ‘Executive Action’

TOPEKA (KSNT/AP) – Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt says the state will join 15 others in a lawsuit being brought by the state of Texas challenging President Obama’s executive action on immigration.

The suit was filed in federal district court in Brownsville, Texas and argues the president’s action stops enforcement of parts of federal immigration law and was violates provisions of the separation of powers portion of the US Constitution.

“Until he reversed course last month,” says Schmidt “the president correctly insisted that he lacked authority under the Constitution to essentially suspend the law or rewrite it to suit his preferences.”

The state’s lawsuit asks the federal court to order the federal agencies involved to disregard the president’s ‘executive action’ and instead to following the requirements set for in statutes approved by Congress.

“The diverse interests of our state in immigration reform,” continues Schmidt “are best served when Kansas voices in Congress are part of the solution and the country is best served when the president and federal agencies follow the law and the Constitution.”

The cost of the lawsuit will be borne by Texas, Kansas will simply file a brief in support of the suit.

Other states joining the Texas suit are: Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Montana, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Many Republicans have denounced the presidents move which is designed to prevent as many as five million people living illegally in the United States from deportation.

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