Ft. Riley spotlights 1 soldier’s hard work

FORT RILEY (KSNT) – To be in the military you need to be tough and a lot of that toughness comes in workout rooms like at Fort Riley.

But as tough as getting in shape is, staying in shape is even tougher.

Enter Specialist Daniel Johnson.

“I saw a need and I try to fill it, by me helping out,” says Daniel Johnson, personal trainer.

Over the past three years Johnson has helped more than 300 soldiers with a program you won’t find in the army training manual.

Johnson will use the Bod-Pod as one of his baseline tools to help his soldiers get in shape. It measures their body fat percentage and helps them to get to where they want to be.

He then combines a combination of physical workouts with changes in diet.

Ian Cato has been working with Johnson and says the program works.

“I feel a thousand times better than I was before,” Say Cato, Ft. Riley soldier, ”Since working with Johnson, push-ups, has become a lot easier for me.”

In the army you’re trained to work as a unit – but sometimes it’s the individual who makes a difference.

“Superman is not super if he only helps himself, he’s just impressive-man, so if I can’t help anybody else out with what I know I’m only good for myself, so I just try to contribute what I know,” says Johnson.

And what he knows, the men around him now know as well.

On Sunday December 7th, Specialist Johnson begins a deployment to Korea where he plans to continue his work when ever needed.

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