Preventing credit card fraud this holiday season

TOPEKA (KSNT) — With credit cards, smart phones and online shopping, consumers have to be more careful than ever to safeguard their identities and wallets against theft.

“Be aware of what is going on around you,” said Allen Towle, president and CEO of the Fidelity State Bank and Trust. “If you are using a debt card and punching in a pin number they need to make sure there is not somebody looking over your shoulder.”

With the quick and easy access of the internet, experts say it’s important you know where you’re shopping – because with one click of a button your personal information can be compromised.

“If you get an email that says we’ve got a big sale going on click on this link, if you know the store don’t click on the link go to that stores website and look for the sale they talk about,” said Towle.

Holiday shoppers need to be extra careful when they are not paying in cash.

Believe it or not the best way to protect your credit card information while online shopping is to check out using pay pal.

“Pay Pal is the number one most secure way to purchase anything online or over with a credit card,” said Jim Driggers, owner and president of The Computer Store. “Paypal has its own credit card that pulls money right out of your Pay Pal account.”

And keep tabs of your purchases so you can quickly learn whether your credit card number has been hacked. If you see anything unusual – call your bank.

“We have an automatic fraud system that monitors our debit card and credit cards,” Jessica Summers, Envista Credit Union. “So when our members are out shopping, if there is something that looks unusual to those monitoring the cards they will contact the member and make sure it was them that made the transactions.”

So this holiday season enjoy those ‘door busting’ sales, but also protect yourself.

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