Too many concussions lands 1 Missouri high school football player off the field

ADRIAN, Mo. (KSHB) – A Missouri mom is offering advice to other parents about sports and concussions. Her son has had seven concussions and is off the football field for now but that’s not the end of his story.

One year ago this month, number 53, Zach Taylor was on the football field

“Went up to the line and did a play and got hit head on by a player.”

Between getting hit in football and crashing on his ATV, it was his seventh concussion.

He was pulled from that game and the game of football, another tough blow.

“To hear that I can’t play football anymore, it’s hit me.”

“It scared me thinking is he going to be able to do these things he loves and if he can’t, what do I do? What do I do to help him to understand it’s not his fault?” said Zach’s mother Mary Jennings

So Zach and his mother are at the Sports Medicine Center at Children’s Mercy in Kansas City, searching for answers to some serious problems.

“Like in English I have a hard time concentrating on reading and staying focused.”

Concussions are not Zach’s only problem, long before that he was diagnosed with ADHD.

Director of the Sports Medicine Center, Dr. Greg Canty, called it a complicated diagnosis.

“So now it’s trying to weed out what’s due to the head injury, what’s not.”

Slowly, Dr. Canty is giving Zach permission for light exercise, a neuropsychologist will help improve Zach’s brain function.

It’s a long way from being back on the football field but it’s something.

“I feel a little bit better.”

“It makes me happy to see Zach smile about it and say, I think I’m comfortable too mom, that means a lot to me.” Said Mary.

Zach’s mom is advising other parents not to second-guess your kids. If they tell you they don’t feel good, don’t hesitate. Get them to the doctor right away.


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