Topeka Police investigating home invasion shooting

(KSNT Photo/Jacob Heffern)

TOPEKA (KSNT)- Police tape dangled from tree to tree in what is normally a quiet neighborhood.

“They said well you can’t walk in the alley, we’re checking this blood trail,” Don De Hart, Neighbor said.

A trail that led police to the intruder who broke in to the home just two doors down. Waking up the family inside with a loud crash, after the suspect chucked a brick through the back window.

“Then the guy tried to get in the house so the homeowner got his gun and shot several times.” Police Sgt. Byron Endsley, Topeka Police Department said

Not before the homeowner was struck with a second brick in the face, breaking his nose. A story he later repeated to his neighbor Don De Hart.

“He just said I shot the guy that was trying to break in, and I shot him three times in the chest,” De Hart said.

For De Hart the crime hit very close to home, with his house sitting between the victim’s and the suspects, and because he knew the suspect.

“I hired him to help me, and he was real good help, as far as I was concerned, before he was a pretty sharp kid,” De Hart said.

Police have not officially released the name of the intruder yet, but they said he will be held accountable for the crime.

“I just wish it wasn’t him,” De Hart said.

The family says although the suspect has been identified, they’re not taking any chances and plan on moving out in the next few days.




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