Cards for Kali

(KPRC) – A young Texas girl fighting cancer has one simple wish for her fifth birthday and you can help make it come true.

Kali Wiggins is almost 5-years old and she is having the time of her life.

Fighting cancer and largely restricted to home because of chemotherapy, the only thing she wanted for her upcoming birthday was birthday cards.

So on her Facebook support page, her family requested cards and Kali already has a favorite.

“This one. (really? Wow. Why is it your favorite one?) Because it has Elsa. And Elsa’s coming to my birthday.”

Since being diagnosed in June, this 4-year old has battled months of chemo treatments and had to re-learn how to walk and talk after being restricted to a bed for nearly three months.

Opening and reading the cards has become the highlight of her day.

“These cards just, I don’t know. It makes her so happy and I’ve never seen her this happy since she’s gone through everything she’s been through.” Said Kali’s mom Caitlyn Harmon.

Her mother plans to add all the cards to a scrapbook that already holds artwork drawn by nurses from Kali’s hospital stay.

Just knowing that others are thinking about her has turned a tough time into a happier one for Kali and her family.

“It’s really happy.” Said Kali.

“The outpour of love for my child, it’s just overwhelming and it’s the most amazing feeling in the world.” Said Caitlyn.

You can find Kali’s address on her Facebook page if you want to send her a card. CLICK HERE

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