Cell phone video catches high school attack

TOPEKA (KSNT) – A 17-year-old Topeka student is facing an aggravated battery charge for attacking a classmate at Washburn Rural High School.

That 17-year-old is Alexis Robinson, who had a plan of attack on December 3rd, to target one of her classmates in a brutal assault.

“Our main priority is to create a culture where this kind of thing doesn’t happen,” Martin Weishaar, USD 437 spokesman said.

Robinson’s target, Abbey Linn Skinner, also a student at Washburn Rural who was completely blindsided by the attack.  In the video Robinson can be seen waiting in the schools hallway for Skinner to walk out of a classroom. Once Robinson spots Abbey she attacks, striking her several times in the head until the two go down on the ground, and are eventually split up.

“I just thought like, it was kind of like ruthless, and bad that she snuck up on her,” Kenyon Griggs, Senior, Washburn Rural High School said.

Now Robinson isn’t just facing punishment from the school, but from the judge. Since the attack she is now being charged with aggravated battery for brutally assaulting Skinner.

“I saw on Facebook that there were going to be charges pressed, and I thought that was crazy,” Griggs said.

But what about the person behind the camera, recording they attack, could they face any charges?

“The tendency when something like this happens is to look at the technology, and blame the technology, and that’s really not the case,” Weishaar said.

A Shawnee County District Attorney’s office spokesperson says they don’t expect to file any charges against the person behind the camera. And the schools just hope something like this doesn’t mean no cell phones allowed in the schools.

“It’s just an isolated thing, you don’t want to punish all the students because of one thing,” Weishaar said.

Washburn Rural High School does have officer so on campus, but the incident was over before they could get involved in the fight. Alexis Robinson will have her first appearance in court on January 5th.

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