Sneak peek at new Ft. Riley Elementary School

FORT RILEY (KSNT) – Dozens of teachers from USD 475 in Geary County  toured the future site of an elementary school at Fort Riley.

The $22 million project replaces the 60 year old school they have now.

For principal Becky Coy, who has been a principal at Fort Riley Elementary for more than 20 years. “Its bitter sweet words can only put it to describe what we’re feeling with all of this,” Says Becky Coy, principal of Fort Riley Elementary.

The new school will more than double the size of the existing building, and includes several special features.

The school will be adding a new gymnasium, along with the stage area.  The facility will also be called the “FEMA Center,” which will be able to with stand up to 250 mile per hour winds and the entire school will be able to fit into this area in case of a storm.

The school will also have bigger class rooms, mobile labs, wireless technology and a new, innovative library media center.

Principal Coy says, “It’s hard to believe this is happening, it just amazes me that we’re going from such small space to some much more space to enrich the learning of our children.”

Bill Clark, CEO of Business and Operations for USD 475 says, “I think the word is wow. When kids walk in, it’s like this is my new school, it’s absolutely amazing when you watch a kids walk in into a school for the first time to see what a been built for them to help them learn.”

School officials say the project is on time and hope to open the new Fort Riley elementary August of 2015.

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