Davis trial is a waiting game


A murder trial has turned into a waiting game, with one man’s life on the line. After three days of jury deliberations, the jurors came back with a guilty verdict.

As the victim’s family waits, the defense team is working. Working to save Billy Frank Davis Jr. from the death penalty.

On Thursday, Davis was convicted of capital murder, as well as the kidnapping and rape of 8-year-old Ah’liyah Irvin. The little girl’s body was found in a dryer in an apartment basement.

On Friday afternoon the defense team attempted to prove that Davis’ actions in 2012 were the result of disturbed childhood, filled with violence and drugs. A child psychologist, who met with Davis over the last two years, testified that due to his childhood, he was prone to mental illness. She stated that his continued exposure to violence created emotional developmental lags, similar to a child’s.

Davis, a veteran, was diagnosed at a VA hospital for mental illness, and according to testimony, admitted to having homicidal thoughts in 2009. Davis’ attorney stated he suffers PTSD and bipolar disorder.

Davis’ background gives little closure to the victim’s family, who says they’re still looking for justice almost three years later.

On Monday, the jury will hear more testimony before deciding if Davis will face life in prison or the death penalty.

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