4 bidders to manage Topeka’s Heartland Park race track

TOPEKA (KSNT) -The City of Topeka has four companies proposing to manage the financially troubled Heartland Park race track.

A City spokesperson told Kansas First News Monday four bids were received by the December 12th deadline to manage the race track, if the deal ever goes through,

Spokesperson Suzie Gilbert says the City will now go ahead and begin evaluating the proposals with an eye towards making a final decision by January 6th.

Those submitting proposals were MK Investments; Larry Sinks; Monopoly Acquisitions, LLC and International Motorsports Entertainment and Development Corporation (IMEDC).

Monoply Acquisitions, LLC is a Missouri-based developer primarily associated with projects including commercial buildings, strip malls and apartment buildings.

IMEDC has been active in developing both NASCAR and NHRA complexes in the Midwest and is based in Coon, MN.

Specifics of the proposals aren’t being released at this time but the proposals will be discussed at the December 16th meeting of the Governing Body at City Hall.

The City has said it will not consider any offer which would require it to pay a management fee.

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