TPD accreditation evaluation

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Every three years, the Topeka Police Department goes through a national assessment by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.

“The good things, the bad things that the agency does or doesn’t do, any concerns that may be out there that we as a commission can bring to the attention of the police chief here in Topeka,” says accreditation manager Randy Cripes.

And only two days into the assessment, the commissioners are already seeing improvements from last evaluation.

“The last assessment team, they did find some issues while they were here, and since that time they have cleaned up those issues,” says Cripes.

The commission wouldn’t say what those issues were.

As for what they’ll be assessing? Everything. Throughout the week the commission will look at 483 standards on a national checklist.

One aspect of the evaluation includes a public forum. It gives the commission and the Topeka Police Department an opportunity to evaluate. That took place on Tuesday night.

Some of the suggestions at Tuesday’s meeting were the need for quicker response times, as well as a desire for more officers in neighborhoods.
The commissions’ response? Give the new police chief more time.

“Whenever a new police chief or sheriff does come in, it’s expected that their will be change,” says Cripes.

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