Help provided after fire

TOPEKA (KSNT) – “Lucky to be alive.”

Michael Clark claims he lost everything except his life and his wheelchair after a storage unit he says he was living in caught on fire. A fire he admits setting to keep warm because he was homeless and had no where else to go. But now, with the help of the Topeka Rescue Mission, he has a new beginning.
While his story is sad, the Topeka Rescue Mission says they see the need for help and a home often in Topeka.

“Obviously this time of year, we’re helping a lot of people. You know, nearly 4,000 people with Christmas. So many people that have needs across the city,” says Director Terri Hund.

And while the Rescue Mission has resources, they also have advice. Hunt says if you see people, like Clark, that need help, the Rescue Mission, not money, is often the best way to get people back on their feet.

“Oftentimes when we give folks money that are on the streets, we may be feeding an addiction or keeping them away from a recovery,” says Hund.

Whereas, the Rescue Mission can provide long term help and hope.

“No matter what we see, every one of them is important to us. And how we share our faith with them and to let them know that there is hope. Even though everything is gone, they still have hope,” says Hund.

Hope to people like Clark, who, along with others, lost so much in the fire.

“I’m fortunate I can have a place like this I can come to,” says Clark.

If you see someone who is homeless and needs a warm place to stay, the Rescue Mission asks that you call their homeless hotline at (785) 230-8237.


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