Flying tire terror caught on tape

HOUSTON, Texas (KPRC) – A Houston man is thankful to be alive after an incredibly bizarre accident.

Manuel Mendoza was working when seemingly out of nowhere a tire flew through the window and hit Mendoza in the head, and it was all caught on tape.

The tire apparently came off a truck traveling down the freeway. It went across the freeway and was picked up by a security camera zipping into the parking lot. The video shows the tire crossing the lot, and smashing through a clinic window. At that exact moment inside, 77 year old Manuel Mendoza was moving a chair in front of the window. He was directly in the tire’s path as it smashed through the glass, pushed the chair aside and knocked him to the floor.

“All he remembers is like, sort of like an explosion when a tank explodes, and the tire and his face.”

Remarkably he was not seriously hurt, there were cuts and bruises, but no broken bones or internal damage.

“The man is very lucky. I am so glad that he’s ok.” said Clinic Owner Dr. Joseph Sleiman

The clinic’s owner believes there was more than luck involved in Manuel Mendoza’s survival.

“The size of the tire, this man is very lucky, I believe probably because Christmas, God was here. This is what I believe because this is a miracle. The man is alive.”

The broken glass has been replaced, and Mr. Mendoza is healing.

There’s not much chance he’ll ever know where the tire came from or even if the driver knew he lost it.

But Mr. Mendoza says he’s thankful to be alive.

Houston police are investigating the incident.


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