Manhattan communities use new neighborhood watch app

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Neighborhood watch, it’s something that has been around since the seventies.

You can find neighborhood watch signs almost everywhere and having those signs make people feel safe.

“That’s one reason why we moved to this part of Manhattan because we truly value that,” Jeremy Corn, neighbor.

A neighborhood that was safe to raise his children in.

“Being so close to the university we have a lot of people who are home throughout the day so we can look out for our neighbors,” said Corn.

Corn says having signs telling people that there is a neighborhood watch often warns off criminal activity.

But could there be a change in how neighborhoods and the Riley County police watch over their communities.

“Neighborhood watch signs don’t reduce crime. Not significantly enough to spend a lot of time and energy just on those signs,” said Matthew Droge, Riley County Police Department Public Information Officers.

So Riley County police are turning to social media – and “Next Door.” It’s like a Facebook for neighborhoods and the police.

“It’s a neighborhood communication program for the neighborhoods and its run by the neighborhoods,” said Droge.

Like their colleagues in Topeka, which is already using next door, officers can post news about crime, lost pets and other community events.

The people in humbled west neighborhood of Manhattan say they are an extremely close, but it never hurts to be connected.

“It’s something like that everybody can subscribe to as well as the agencies that are responsible for providing protection and do, i think it is a great thing to have,” said Charles Tadnnehill, neighbor.

“Next-Door” goes online in Riley County January 5th and beginning in January the Riley County Police Department will begin hosting “Next Coffee Meetings.” It’s a way to reach out to folks who aren’t online.


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