Snowfall potential near Christmas

In my last blog post, “Snow chances for the week ahead”, I started highlighting a potential for a “near Christmas” storm system that had just left the coast of Japan. Now, a couple days later, that storm is steadily moving toward the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, right on track to impact the Central U.S. by near Christmas.

A timeline of the path this storm will take using a measurement of the energy in the system shows how it generally holds together and moves our way near or just after Christmas Day.

Vorticity Track

Vorticity Track2

Vorticity Track3

Vorticity Track4

With this system still a week or so away, a lot can and will change, but the early indications are that it will do two things for our area: 1) bring a chance for snow by Christmas night or the day after Christmas and 2) usher in colder weather for the last week of the year. Here’s one model’s projection for snow Christmas night into early Friday (day after Christmas):

Futuretrack Snowfall Euro - Model 1

– Storm Track Chief Meteorologist Matt Miller


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