Nevada cop saves choking boy

MESQUITE, Nev. (KSNV) – An off-duty police officer in Nevada comes to the aid of a three year old who was choking on a piece of candy he got at a party.

The incident is not only caught on surveillance camera but also on the officer’s body camera.

Thirteen year police veteran Officer Quinn Averett was on his way home when the call came in.

“The only information we were given is it was an open line and yelling and screaming was being heard in the background.”

It came in from this Green Valley Grocery in Mesquite.

“I was less than a block away.”

Mariana Cardiel, her husband and 3 year-old son were in distress.

“I heard him that he was choking so I ran out quickly from the car, grabbed him went in there screaming and yelling that he was choking.”

Surveillance video caught those frantic moments.

Mariana waited for emergency crews while her husband tried to help his son.

The video shows officer Averett walking in.

“I took the child from the father. I hit him maybe for about a minute. I had to hit him kind of hard because it wasn’t working. He was unconscious, I started getting really scared.”

Damien’s pipe’s as healthy as ever. The day after the incident he even got a picture with Santa. This boy bounced right back.

Mariana says it’s a hard lesson. She’s just grateful this officer was there.

“It’s like if he gave me the biggest gift. Officer Averett he gave me the biggest gift that he’s still with me.”

Officer Averett, who is also a father says after the incident he will keep a closer eye on his kids.


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