Horton Revitalization Project

HORTON (KSNT) – A Brown County town has been seeing a lot of changes to their community. For almost a year, the town of Horton has been under a big revitalization project.

“I think it’s positive for all the little towns around here,” town resident Tom Kidwell said.

This town of little more than 1,500 people, Horton has been getting an upgrade. It’s all because of a reinvention project aiming to bring more business, tourists and improvements to the community.

“We felt like we had a downtown that was crumbling and slowly decaying and fading away,” Horton Mayor Tim Lentz said.

Billionaire Marcus Lemonis visited this small town in January. It was then he had the idea to jump start this community. The first job – cleaning up the streets. He even bought some buildings to help with the project.

On Monday night the town was able to turn on the new light poles located on Central Avenue.

There are even new sidewalks, they’ve repainting these buildings and there are plans to put down pavement for the roads.

“The guys are working across the street doing new curbs I mean it’s all amazing, it’s all fantastic what they’re doing,” town resident Paige Linck said.

The mayor hopes to form connections with other surrounding towns to get more visitors, all in an effort to show off this community. The town is still raising money for additional improvements. Click here if you’d like to make a donation.

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