‘The gift of life’ for one Reading woman this Christmas

READING, KS (KSNT) — Instead of gifts….. One Reading woman is celebrating the gift of life on this holiday.

Living life in a wheelchair is a strange adjustment for Stephanie Smith — but, one thing she is thankful for this Christmas…

“Oh that I am here! That would be a good start,” said Stephanie Smith.

After falling from a five-story balcony in Kansas City in July doctors where not sure if Stephanie would even survive.

She suffered from a collapsed lung, broken arms and legs, broken ribs and back — plus she was in a coma for two weeks.

After four months of in-patient therapy, Stephanie has made an unexpected recovery. She says she would not have been able to do it without the support of her hero — her fiancé Kevin.

“They taught me the proper way how to put a sling on her to get her in her wheelchair and the proper way to use a slide board,” said Kevin Bachert, Stephanie’s fiancé.

And it’s all came with a lot of adjustments….. Starting with adding wheelchair ramps, remodeling the kitchen and the bathrooms in her home.

“Getting dressed, usually I can take a shower and get dressed in 30-minutes and that now takes me over two,” said Smith.

Despite her limitations Stephanie says her new set of wheels won’t stop her from hitting the road again. — She is determined to re-learn how to drive.

“That won’t hinder me. I’ll do it,” said Smith.

From not knowing if she would be alive a couple of months ago — Stephanie is now living life to the fullest.

The community and her family have been working to fundraiser for Stephanie’s medical bills.

If you would like to donate visit her Facebook page www.facebook.com/stephrecovers

Send check to:

Stephanie smith recovery

C/o citizens state bank & trust

402 First St.

Reading, KS 66868

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