Christmas tree recycling in Northeast Kansas

EMPORIA (KSNT) – The fresh scent of pine maybe fading in your home. Christmas is over and it’s time to get rid of those holiday trees but what should you do with that browning Christmas tree in your home.

“You can bring your Christmas trees year round if you want… I’ve even seen some come in May,” said Tim Delcamp, Transfer Recycle Center Emporia.

The Transfer Recycle Center in Emporia not only take the Christmas tree off of your hands — but they will redistribute the tree back to you in tiny little particles … wood chips.

“We give back the wood chips for bedding, landscaping. I’ve seen people come out and horses that will use it in their stalls and bedding for the horses,” said Delcamp.

Here’s another creative recycling tip.

Ever thought about putting your Christmas tree in the lake?

That tree in the pond can become a new home for fish.

“Take the Christmas tree and put it in the lake so the fish have a place to breed and spawn.”

And oddly enough some of those wood chips will travel 50-plus miles to Topeka. For what? You may ask….

The wood chips at the Emporia Recycling Center will eventually be brought to the Frito Lay plant in Topeka. Where they will use it to heat their furnaces to boiler water that will in-turn create those delicious chips we all love.

If you are throwing away a real Christmas tree, there are special drop-off sites for those trees. Check your counties official website for those locations.

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