Preparations for the Little Apple Drop

Little Apple New Year's Eve celebration 2014.

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – The end of 2014 is almost here and the preparations for New Year’s Eve celebrations are underway.

Walking around down town Manhattan there are some subtle hints to Wednesday night’s celebration plans.

But behind the scenes, restaurants and city organizers are preparing for an upcoming bash.

One, that adds a new focus on family friendly celebrations.

Hannah Henning, the event coordinator for the Little Apple Drop says, “Encompassing little events all around the city into one day, just to make sure the people come back and stay.”

Varsity Donuts will keep its doors open to let families and kids watch the ball drop.

This year organizers anticipate as many as 10-thousand people will come to participate in the New Year’s Eve celebration in the little apple. All those people pose a challenge for police.

Captain Josh Kyle apart of the Patrol Division says, “We greatly increase the amount of man power that we have available to us that evening, that’s the primary thing we do”

The increased manpower includes traffic control. Only pedestrian traffic will be allowed from 12th and Moro to the stage area and that means roadblocks around the area.

“The moment the ball drop happens and everyone has their celebration moment, take those apart as quickly as possible and let the crowd disperse in the direction they choose,” says Captain Kyle.

And all of these New Year’s activities will be kicked off with the men’s basketball starting at three.

If you want more information about the events for New Years Eve events click here or to see where the street closures will be click here.

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