Cabs in full force for New Years Eve

TOPEKA (KSNT) – With 13 years of cab driving in Topeka, David Barnes has really seen it all.

“She was in her birthday suit off of 6th street and the police wanted me to take her home,” says Barnes of Capital City Taxi.

For cab drivers everywhere, tonight is their biggest and undoubtedly craziest night all year.

“Sixteen to 20 cars on the road tonight. Enough to service all five to 700 people.”says driver Chris Avey of Yellow Cab Company.

Yellow Cab Company expects about 900 calls tonight to champagne-toasting people around Topeka. Some drivers, like Barnes expect to drive up to 100 customers.
“Happy drunks!” says Avey.
“Fun drunks and then you get the crying drunks. But mostly people are fun,” says Barnes.

Both drivers agree that they haven’t had many incidents with violent drunks…But say that’s why they have dispatchers to screen the phone calls and assess the customer beforehand. They tell other drivers to be smart too.

“If you don’t like the situation, if it doesn’t feel right, get out of there,” says Avey.
“If you come to the side of my car with a hoodie pulled down, I wont pick you up,”Barnes.

And while the local cab companies admit they will make quite a bit tonight, they say their service is a necessity.
“I guarantee you somebody’s going to get a DUI tonight,” says Barnes.

Both drivers say a cab ride will cost you a lot less than a DUI.

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