Holiday celebrations can create risks on the roads

(NBC News)  We are right in the middle of the deadliest time of year for drunk driving.

“In the time period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s in 2012, 1,091 people were killed as a result of drunk driving,” notes Mothers Against Drunk Driving National President Jan Withers.

MADD recently surveyed people about why they either chose to be a designated driver or ride with one.

The overwhelming majority said they were motivated more by the desire for everyone to get home safely, rather than avoid a run-in with police.

“The idea of having a designated driver is reaching more and more people, but the fact is, that people still drive impaired,” Withers notes.

That’s illustrated by another survey from Caron Treatment Centers that found more than half of adults have witnessed a fellow party-goer drive while drunk.  A third admitted to doing it themselves.

Experts say it’s important to plan how you’ll get home before you arrive at a party.

Either find a designated driver or load ride-sharing apps and numbers for taxi services into your phone ahead of time.

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