Baby born same time as cop dad’s badge number

MONTANA (CNN) – An unusual coincidence for a police officer and proud father of a newborn in Montana.

Officer Jeff Stovall and his wife welcomed their son Jaxsen into the world in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

He was born at 4:32 in the morning.

Oddly enough, that’s actually Stovall’s badge number!

Stovall says he didn’t immediately think about it but later realized how perfect the timing of his son’s birth was.

“I didn’t even really realize it at first when the doctors announced what time he was born at. Then, I just said, ‘432,’ and then it was like it was on the radio or something and, ‘wow.’ I said, ‘that’s pretty cool. My son is born the same time as my badge number.’ It was pretty special. We thought it was pretty neat.”

Jaxsen was among five other babies born at Saint Vincent hospital in the wee hours of 2015.


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