Topeka and Kansas City players claim $22K 2by2 prizes

The Kansas Lottery office is busy Friday with winners claiming their prizes after the holidays. Among today’s winners are two players who won top prizes of $22,000 playing 2by2.

A Topeka player, who asked the Lottery not to identify him publicly, won $22,000 on a 2by2 ticket he purchased Christmas Day at Kwik Shop 713, located at 5700 SW 21st Street in Topeka. The player matched both Red Numbers 4 and 18 and both White Numbers 19 and 24. The ticket was a Quick Pick.

Another $22,000 top prize went to a Kansas City, Kansas, player who picked his own numbers and won in the New Year’s Eve 2by2 drawing. The winning numbers were Red 2 and 22 and White 20 and 23. That ticket was purchased at 7-Eleven 35783, located at 10950 Parallel Parkway in Kansas City, Kansas. The winner requested that the Lottery keep his identity a secret.

On New Year’s Eve, the Kansas Lottery drew the $1 million winning number in the Holiday Millionaire Raffle. The $1 million winning number is 138237. The ticket was sold in southwest Kansas, but the winner has not yet come forward to claim the ticket.

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