Jackson County Sheriff’s Office investigate Holton drug distribution house

HOLTON (KSNT) – Two people are in jail as the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office continues its investigation of a suspected drug distribution house in Holton.

The residents on Pennsylvania avenue where startled by the view outside of their windows Tuesday night.

Jackson County sheriff’s deputies and Holton police officers raiding this home for drugs.

“We were walking some girls home and we see two cops come flying through and then there was an ambulance but the first cop went around front, the second went around back,” said Rylan Adams, a Holton High School student.

Inside the home police found narcotics, marijuana, LSD, a firearm, a wad of cash and drug paraphernalia.

“The sheriff’s office have been investigating illegal drug distribution from that residence at the 900 block of Pennsylvania avenue for a few days and we did serve a search warrant on the property,” said Sheriff Tim Morse, Jackson County Sheriff Office.

Twenty-six-year-old robin Alison Deo was arrested at the scene and charged with possession of a hallucinogen, possession of drug paraphernalia with the intent to distribute, possession of opiates, criminal possession of a firearm, and drug paraphernalia.

Twenty-eight-year-old Jordan Christopher Sumner was arrested late Wednesday for drug possession

Both are being charged with drug distribution within 1000 feet of a school..actually two schools.. Holton Middle School and Holton High School.

“There are little kids that pass by that walk to and from school and there are high schools that cut through the yard,” said Crystal Lemon, neighbor.

Morse says raids like this does not happen often, but are becoming more prevalent in rural communities like Holton.

While talking with the sheriff Kansas First News was told that there was a child in side of the home. So not only with Deo be charged with drug related charges but also with endangerment of a child.

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