Governor celebrates Inaugural Ball


States all around the country are gearing up for their legislative sessions, and Kansas is no exception. After a week of celebration events, politicians met in Topeka for the Inaugural Ball.

“[It’s] a time to celebrate the victory the end of the campaign season and the start of another four year term for the governor and the lt. Governor,” says campaign Communications Director, John Milburn.

And that celebration includes about 2,000 people.
“A lot of politics. A lot of pretty people,” says attendee Barb Wilson.

But it’s more than just a night to show off their Sunday bests.

“Part of the proceeds from the event that we have this evening will be given back to some charities at a later date,” says Milburn.

At the last Inaugural Ball, the donated proceeds were about 150,000 dollars. The night comes after a week of service projects by the Governor around the state. The Ball also encompasses a lot of statewide pride.

“Kansas is a great state, a lot of good things going for us, so you know, it’s nice to support our state and the people that are involved in running it and part of making it what it is,” says Wilson.

“Tonight’s a way to celebrate all the hard work that went in to getting elected, regardless of party. Celebrate being a Kansan,”says Milburn.

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