Marysville police department continues search for a cop impersonator

MARYSVILLE (KSNT) – At a time when so many question the motivation of local police, a disturbing story out of Marshall county Monday night.

The Marysville Police Department is searching tonight for a man who allegedly impersonated one of their officers and tried to pull over a woman Sunday night.

It’s a small town. Just about everybody knows everybody else, especially the local police.

“We have seven patrol officers besides myself, and everybody knows everybody. The person could not see their face because she would have know it wasn’t our agency,” said Todd Ackerman, Marysville chief of police.

So when a woman was pulled over about 5:00 Sunday night near a Sinclair gas station when flashing lights appeared in her rearview mirror, she initially thought nothing about it.

Later she would tell police the man stepped to her car, wouldn’t identify himself and told her to get out of the car and open her trunk.

That’s when she noticed a single, flashing red light in the mirror.

What makes Marysville police cars different from others is that it is a white pick-up truck and they have red and blue alternating lights on the top of their vehicle and also on the grill.

The woman, who declined to talk to us, just drove off – starting what police call a “game of cat and mouse.

“She drove to her employment where she was heading to and the person followed her and turned around in the parking lot where she was at and then left,” Ackerman said.

Police here and anywhere in Kansas say if you’re ever worried about who an officer is ask for their full name and badge number.

Also there’s a specific protocol real police follow: they should ask for your name, identification and tell you why you’re being stopped before they tell you to step out of the car. And if they don’t….

“Call 911 no matter if it is here or in another town. Ask dispatch if this is a real stop. Dispatch will tell you this is a police stop you are being stopped by a police officer.”

As for Sunday night, finding the white pick-up truck in a town filled with white pick-up trucks is proving to be difficult.

The chief says this is the first time something like this has happened in his city that he knows of. Meanwhile, if you have information that could help find the man,… Call the Marysville police department.

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