Trial to begin January 2016 for man accused of killing Topeka police officer

TOPEKA (KSNT)- Loaded a gun with cop killer bullets, that’s just one of the statement from a witness in the preliminary hearing for Ross Preston Lane, the man accused of killing Topeka Police Corporal Jason Harwood. That statement is just one of many reasons why the state is seeking the death penalty for Lane,

On Tuesday the alleged killer sat emotionless in court, as 16 witnesses filed in to the court room to tell their story of what happened. Including the Jamie Hutchins, the man riding in the car with Lane when he pulled the trigger.

“I said oh, no, no, no,” Hutchins said.

That was the final plea Jamie Hutchins had before his friend, Ross Lane pulled a gun out and began firing at a police officer who was pulling them over for speeding down 6th street in Topeka on September, 7th 2014. Regardless of Hutchins begging Lane to no shot, it was too late.

When State asked Hutchins if he heard the shots he said yes, “Three if I remember right,” Hutchins said.

According to the coroner office Harwood was shot three times. Twice in the neck, and once in the abdomen that traveled through his body striking his heart and his lungs.

After shooting the gun Lane drove away, and made several phone calls, one to his fiancée.

“He apologized to me, apologized for our children” Sonya Norred, Lanes fiancée said.

Despite her fiancée facing the death penalty, she still stands behind him and his still with him. Even when the State asked if it were up to her, Lane would be home with Norred.

Although Lane showed no emotion the entire time in court, Hutchins said after the shooting he showed some remorse for what he did.

“He said he was sorry, and took off,” Then the State asked sorry to who? “To me,” Hutchins said.

For Harwoods family who sat in court, that me be the closest of an apology they will ever hear.

Lane faces several other charges in addition to capital murder. The Judge has set and initial trial date of January, 11th 2016.


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