Kansas community has third incident involving cop impersonator

MARYSVILLE (KSNT) -For the second time in one day, an individual impersonating a police officer has pulled over a vehicle in Marshall County. It’s the third such incident in as many days, and the increasing frequency of the alleged police stops has local authorities concerned.

In the most recent incident, Marysville Police Chief Todd Ackerman tells KSNT News the man impersonating an officer pulled over a teenager about five miles south of the town in rural Marshall County. The teenager became nervous and called his parents while the officer was trying to speak and then drove off.

Ackerman says the parents called the police who tried to locate the truck without success despite the aid of a Kansas Highway Patrol plane.

Earlier, in an incident about 5:15 Wednesday morning, an individual was stopped by a vehicle that was blocking 2nd road at US 36 six miles west of Marysville in Marshall County. The suspect then followed the victim and then made the stop on US 36 Highway. The suspect told the driver he had a search warrant, demanding to search the vehicle. The victim then drove off as he didn’t think the person was a real police officer. The suspect followed the victim for a mile or so and then turned off.


The first incident happened Sunday evening when a suspect driving a white pickup track with a single red flashing light pulled over a woman and attempted to make the driver of that vehicle get out of their car and the driver refused.

The suspect was wearing a full black uniform with badge. Police say the suspect is six feet tall with brown hair and a black mustache.

In each case the man has used a white pick-up truck with a chrome tube running boards with a magnetic antenna on the box of the truck. The Marysville police department uses similar white pick-ups similar to the one seen here, however the department uses a red and blue light bar on top of the truck and on the front bumpers. The impersonator is using a single, magnetically attached revolving red light.

The Marysville Police Department, Marshall County Sheriff’s Office and Kansas Highway Patrol have all issued warnings to residents of the area, and immediately adjacent to it, to be on the alert for the imposter.

If anyone has any information or questions on this case to contact the Marysville Police Department at 785-562-2343 or the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department at 785-562-3141.

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