Gov. Brownback marches to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

TOPEKA – (KSNT) Martin Luther King, Jr. Day may not be until Monday, but there was a celebration Thursday in honor of his birthday.

As flags flew high and the sound of drums echoed through the streets. Dozens of people marched in the governor’s annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration.

“Symbolically you’re trying to enter into the period of time when people were marching for the civil rights of everybody in the United States,” said Governor Sam Brownback.

The ceremonial march began in the front of the Kansas judicial center. It was led by the Highland Park High School ROTC and Drumline.

Governor Sam Brownback was joined by a special guest Kansas native Wayne Simien.

Simien was a former University of Kansas basketball great and Miami Heat player.

Now he is a KU campus minister for called to greatness.

“It’s my hope that even with the work that I do on the college campus in mentoring and ministering to the next generation, that we can raise up young leaders like that to do the same,” says Simien.

Following the march, there a ceremony was held in the rotunda of the statehouse.

The strains of a single saxophone and sound of singing could be heard echoing through the building’s corridors.

Governor Brownback, Simien, and many more also gave speeches in King’s honor.

Marchers say Thursday was a day to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And remember all the progress that he helped make happen. But it’s also a day to remember how much further there is to go. Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been 86-years old Thursday.

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