Zumba fundraiser held for Harwood family

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Hundreds of people around Topeka put on their dancing shoes Saturday afternoon to partake in a Zumba-thon.
“I can’t even say enough about Zumba. It brings a community together,” says participant Charise Richards.

All of that support is for the family of Corporal Jason Harwood, a Topeka Police officer killed in September.

“This is something we really wanted to do for the Fraternal Order of Police and Corporal Harwood,”says organizer Tamara McGinnis.

People of all ages came together to dance and raise money. The fundraiser went towards the Harwood family for a trip to Washington D.C. During the trip, Corporal Harwood will have a dedication on the Wall of Heroes. In addition to the dedication ceremony, in D.C., the family will attend workshops with other families who have lost police officers also.

“Every little bit helps,” says organizer Christina Cook.

Organizers were hoping for around 300 to 500 participants, and large numbers did come ti the event. Even people those who don’t know the Harwoods.

“My husband was in law enforcement for a long time and we realize the dangers. And this is really important to us. Raising money for any event. This is something we love to do. This is in our heart,” says Richards.

Organizers hope that the community feels the way they do.

“We’re proud and very humble to be a part of this and to honor such a, to honor this fallen hero and to give back to a family that’s given so much,” says Cook.

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