Concern over police impersonator crosses Nebraska border

MARYSVILLE (KSNT) – Concern over a recent series of incidents where a police impersonator has attempted to pull unsuspecting drivers over in Marshall County has now crossed into Nebraska.

The incidents began January 18th near Marysville when a man driving what appeared to be a Marysville police unit attempted to pull a woman over in a traffic stop. The man was driving a white pick-up truck similar to those used by the Marysville Police Department, however it had a single rotating red light  on the cab hood while the police use a blue and red light bar as well as flashing blue and red lights on the front bumper.

Since that initial incident, several other fake stops occurred including two in one day on January 21st. To date, even with the aid of a Kansas Highway Patrol spotter plane, authorities have been unable

Late last week a meeting of 10 local and state law enforcement agencies from Kansas and Nebraska met in Marysville to discuss the imposter.

Marysville Police Chief Todd R. Ackerman said the agencies pooled information on the stops and discovered that there were two confirmed stops by the imposter in Kansas but even more stops have taken place in Nebraska.

The suspect was wearing a full black uniform with badge. Police say the suspect is six feet tall with brown hair and a black mustache.

Ackerman says the person impersonating a officer is to be considered dangerous and ask that if someone is being stopped in the area that they call 911 to verify the stop if they question whether the officer is legitimate. He adds that if you don’t have a phone with you, turn on your hazard lights and drive at a normal speed to a well populated area.

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