6-year-old Topeka girl’s hair set on fire by stranger

Courtesy: Caitlin Beddos

TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Topeka Police Department and Fire Department say they are continuing to actively investigate an incident in which a 6-year-old Topeka girl’s hair was set on fire by a complete stranger.

Authorities say while they continue to follow leads and interview witnesses, they are not actively seeking any person of interest at this time.


Go Fund Me: Jayden Beddo

TOPEKA (KSNT) — What was a warm afternoon filled with fun for 6 year old Jayden Beddo who was playing chase with her brother –turned into an afternoon of horror

“Christopher at that point in time came running into the house to come and get me. At that point in time I ran out the back door to see my niece’s head completely engulfed in flames,” said George Hearne, Jayden’s uncle.

Jayden and her brother Christopher were playing in their backyard when a stranger cut through this alley called Jayden over to the fence, lit a cigarette and then lit her hair.

Jayden’s uncle put the fire out and then called 911. Her sister and her mother got the shocking phone call next.

“She said somebody set Jayden’s hair on fire and like that was something I never expected to hear from my mom’s mouth let alone even happen to my sister. It’s heart breaking,” said Caitlyn Beddo, Jayden’s sister.

Jayden was taken to Stormount Vail Hospital in Topeka. But her burns were so severe she was sent to the pediatric intensive care unit at the University of Kansas Hospital.

“Third degree burns on the top of her head that are full thickness covering roughly 70 percent on the top of her head,” said Hearne.

Detectives are trying to find the man who did it, but so far they don’t have many clues to work with.

Caitlyn tells me that Jayden is in high spirits — but her family wants who ever committed this heinous crime to turn themselves in.

“Hopefully this guy can be caught because to me it’s a sick individual and he needs to be put behind bars something needs to be done,” said Beddo.

Anyone with information about the man police are looking for should call crime stoppers. (785) 234-0007

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