Junction City kids get unusual look at bullying

JUNCTION CITY (KSNT) – It was a special day for one Junction City elementary school.

Students of Spring Valley Elementary School got to sing along with a semi finalist of “America’s Got Talent” all in the context of stopping bullying.

With singing, dancing, and clapping, not many elementary students would want to pass that up.

And that’s the whole point behind Reverse Orders, “Reverse the Trend” anti bullying program.

“It’s a mix of music and just our experiences and teaching kids how they can overcome bullying in a safe and positive way,” says band member, John Russo.

Between songs each band member told of their experiences with bullies and how they were able to find ways to overcome it.

“We want kids to really be able to focus on themselves and bring themself out of it doing what they love more than just trying to change the bullies you know it’s more of a self motivational thing,” says Russo.

Which is what Spring Valley wants their students to focus on. “It ties in right with what they said, we really want promote kids being positive and being there for each other,” says fourth grade teacher, Christi Bullock.

Along with sharing music and personal experiences the band also talks about their version of “PARTTY,”

“Which is Passion, Attitude, Respect, Trust, Thoughtfulness, and You,” says Russo. It’s a saying to help student keep the right attitude when it comes to interacting with one another.  The message for all of the kids is to be comfortable with who they are in their own skin.

For more information on the group CLICK HERE.


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