Manhattan Fire Dept. looking for a few good students

MFD Firefighter Drew Taylor came into the department through the "Student Firefighter" program. Jan. 20, 2015

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – During an emergency fire departments are often the first responders on the scene.

So the idea that a student firefighter is on that team might surprise you.

But in Manhattan student has a double meaning.

Drew Taylor is a full-time firefighter with the city but he got here through a program which allows full-time students at Kansas State and Manhattan Christian College. Taylor is one of 16 firefighters to come up through the program, so is Chief Ryan Alms, “Many of them come here, and they get exposed to it and then they decided ‘hey this is what I want to do, not what I was going to school for.'”

Taylor was studying animal science to be a veterinarian when he heard about the program and tried out for it.

“It’s a cliche but it truly is just like a family or brotherhood and you just have a great time, it’s the best job you can ever have,” says Taylor.

The students get all the training other recruits do but their scheduled to work evenings classes.

Which works well for student firefighter Adam Bowser, “I really think we have a great technical rescue team and swift water rescue team and I’d like to be a part of those.”

The Manhattan fire department currently has four openings for the and will be accepting applications until February 27th.


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