Free-throw challenge: Zoe & Abigael vs. KSNT sports team

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Basketball season has reached the halfway point for many high school and college teams. Two girls who haven’t reached that level yet, Zoe Canfield (9-years-old) and Abigael Ostenson (12-years-old), challenged the KSNT Sports Team to a free-throw shooting contest as they get ready to compete in the state tournament next weekend.

The rules were simple, we’d alternate. Ten free-throws per person (with a few warm ups), and then we’d cycle back through the order and shoot 15 more. A total of 25 shots per person. The challenge was boys vs. girls; Zoe & Abigael vs. Alex & Matt, the best combined score wins.

As you would imagine, it wasn’t even close! Zoe & Abigael made 38 of 50, Alex & Matt made just 24 of 50.

Well done ladies! (And we appreciate you taking it easy on us and not running up the score!)

Both Zoe and Abigael will compete in the state finals in Wichita. The winners will then travel to the regional tournament in Denver.

For more information on the ‘Elks National Hoop Shoot Free-Throw Program’, you can visit

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