Manhattan looks to update city’s parks master plan

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – Manhattan Parks and Recreation’s Advisory Board is re-evaluating its master plan for what it wants its parks to look like. The idea is to improve safety, making better use of the space in its parks and adding new programs.

Manhattan City Park is a central place for the community to enjoy all different kinds of activities. The city has 47-acres where people can relax and play. But times change and it’s been nearly a decade since the city last asked residents what they want from their parks.

“More green space, how can we obtain more green space? Can we eliminate a road through the park to gain more green space?” says Community Relations Director, Angie Sutton.

So Manhattan is taking that question – and others – to the people who use the city’s parks.

“Whether you’re exercising or picnicking, just getting out and participating in outdoor activities, we’d like to know what our community wants from their city park,” says Sutton.

Some improvements are already in motion. By summer a gravel parking lot at City Park will be paved and there will be improvements around the city pool. Even more ambitious, a new sledding hill at Cico Park.

“Essentially three runs, three sledding runs, there will be a black diamond, intermediate, and a easy grade slope,” says Sutton.

Once the council approves the plan, it then becomes part of the city parks master plan. The next step is to open discussions up to the public.

Once approved – the city will use the master plan for the next 15-years.

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