Pro-Life activists push to ban abortion procedure in Kansas

TOPEKA (KSNT) — Pro-life activists pushing to ban a specific type of abortion in Kansas argued their case before the state legislature Monday.

24 senators have joined their cause, and now a senate committee is considering what should be done next.

The controversial issue of abortion is once again up for consideration in the Kansas legislature.

The arguments are familiar…

“The focus of this bill is the small, living, human, unborn child, facing a brutal and inhumane dismemberment abortion,” said Kathy Ostrowski, Legislative Director of Kansans for Life.

It’s a procedure still allowed under Kansas law during the second trimester.

A bill to ban the procedure is bitterly opposed by pro-choice supporters.

“Having choices matters. When you have choices, you can create opportunity,” said Melissa Tovar-Ohlson, a pro-choice activist.

In the strongly conservative legislature it should come as no surprise that twenty four senators are sponsoring this senate bill.

“We have a lot of work, because if this bill does move to the senate floor, then of course we need to be speaking to those senators, and then if it moves to the House side, we need to communicate with house members,” said Ostrowski.

But their opponents don’t plan to let this bill pass without a fight.

“We will continue to oppose the bill as it moves and if it move onto the Senate floor, and of course the House side,” said Julie Burkhart, Founder and CEO of Trust Women.

Five of the bill’s sponsors are on the nine member committee that will decide this bill’s fate.

Moving forward they’ll be voting whether to approve the bill and send it to the full Senate for consideration.

Proponents hope that if the bill passes in Kansas, other states will soon being to follow suit.

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