Stay order extension in Heartland Park case denied

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Chris Imming’s motion to extend the stay order on the Heartland Park case was denied Wednesday by the Kansas Court of Appeals.

A temporary stay order was granted last month and ends on Thursday. Last Friday the City of Topeka and Jayhawk Racing, Inc. asked the Kansas Court of Appeals to allow the court-ordered stay to expire on February 5th, potentially opening up a chance for the city to sell $5 million in new STAR bonds to improve the area around Heartland Park race track.

The city has been trying to purchase the track and sell additional STAR bonds to make the improvements since last fall, but is currently embroiled in a lawsuit by organizers of a petition who want the purchase put to a public vote.

The hearing date remains at February 26th. The Kansas State Court of Appeals has said it will hear oral arguments on both sides as those behind the petition fight to get a lower court ruling the petitions invalid overturned.


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