KDHE offers up plan for Milford Lake blue algae warnings

MILFORD (KSNT) – Over the last month we have been telling you about the problems with blue-green at Milford Lake. For the people of Milford and the surrounding cities, Milford Lake is a critical part of their economy. After local businesses took a hit of more than a quarter of their income because some of the lake’s beaches were closed 17 of 19 summer weeks last year, they demanded the state do something.

At the annual Milford Lake stakeholder meeting they got some answers.

The state will modify its existing blue-green algae warnings by dividing the lake into three sections and changing what it puts on warning signs.

“The level of tolerance of what we think is actually representative of a problem, we’ve increased that quite a bit,” says Tom Stiles of Kansas Dept. of Health & Environment.

An immediate response for this coming summer that gives some hope. “Business wise I think some of the people felt a little relieved,” says Mayor of Milford, Brad Roether.

But for Roether and people of Milford, the long term solutions has them very worried.

“People that live here and the communities around the lake didn’t get any satisfaction at all,” says Roether.

Long-term, all the state can do is put more effort into keeping farm runoff, which feeds the algae, in check. “Continue to put investments and practices up above the lake so that we can continue to stem the tide of nutrient loads coming into the lake,” says Stiles.

While the state works on the long term solutions for Milford Lake, the question is whether the short term solutions will save this summer’s tourist season?

For more information on the changes the KDHE has made and blue-green algae CLICK HERE.


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