Becoming a Weather Ready Nation Ambassador

CLICK HERE to learn how to become a Weather Ready Nation Ambassador.

KSNT Storm Track Weather is honored to have been recognized as a Weather Ready Nation Ambassador by the National Weather Service, but this recognition only helps us all out if we can encourage you to be a part of this national effort to make our country more resilient to the threat of severe weather. Jeff Johnson of the topeka office of the National Weather Service explains.

“Weather Ready Nation in a nutshell is to be ready for severe weather or winter weather or whatever the weather impacts are, to be resilient to it, and then be responsive and then be able to recover from it. So it’s kind of knowing how you’ll get your warning, what you’re going to do when you receive that warning and then what you might do after the event happens.”

As we work hand-in-hand with the National Weather Service and area emergency managers to prepare and inform you in times of rough weather, ultimately it comes back to what you do with that information. Being prepared is more than a motto, it’s a commitment you have to make and the Weather Ready Nation program helps you toward that goal.

“During severe weather preparation season, which is coming up here, weather ready nation ambassadors will receive information about safety tips, how to shelter-in-place your employees. Value-added stuff they can use internally to propagate the message.”

– Storm Track Chief Meteorologist Matt Miller

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