Sebelius ‘..surprised, appalled..” by Brownback LGBT action

KANSAS CITY (KSNT) – Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is dealing with criticism from someone who once sat in his chair.

As we first reported Tuesday, Brownback rescinded an executive order by former Governor Kathleen Sebelius that protected the jobs of gay state employees.

Sebelius issued that order 8 years ago.

Governor Brownback’s new order says the state won’t discriminate based on several factors, including gender. Sexual orientation was not included.

Sebelius said he may be hurting the profile of the state.

“Surprised, appalled and baffled, frankly, but the news that I read. I think it will brand Kansas as taking a big step backward when the rest of the country seems to be moving forward with tolerance.”

In his statement, Brownback said extending protected class status to a specific set of people should be accomplished by a law and the legislature, not an executive order.

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