Smoking is worse than originally thought

TOPEKA (KSNT) – A new tobacco study is asking Americans to forget what they know about smoking, because the effects are even worse than they thought.
The study, conducted by the National Cancer Institute, found more links to smoking and death than ever before.

“Lung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and then you’re talking about cancer of the jaw, lips, tongue, mouth,” says St. Francis Health physicians assistant, Kim Vosburgh.

The list goes on and on but now smoking is also being called a contributor to diabetes, kidney disease, intestine failure, and internal infections.

“Half the people that smoke will die of smoke related deaths,” says Vosburgh.

That number is now too low. But do smokers care?

“We’re gonna die eventually one day right?,” says smoker Lauren Coburn.

“I’ve actually had patients buy cigarettes instead of their medicine,” says Vosburgh.

To try to change that the Kansas Department of Health and Environment unveiled ‘Text2Quit’.
“You can get text messages to help give you motivational messages. Tips to help fight cravings,” says communications manager for the Bureau of Health Promotions, Ginger Park.

A simple program, that’s right in your pocket.

However, doctors say it often requires a trip to the hospital to prompt someone to kick their smoking habit.
“I think they get a wake up call,” says Vosburgh.

But she says, its all up to the smoker.
“I think if you’re going to smoke, you’ll smoke, no matter what the consequences are,” says Vosburgh.

Analysis of the study suggests that smokers need more help from the government when trying to quit, something the Kansas Department of Health and Environment is trying to do. Along with the texting program, they also have a website and hotline to help you kick the habit. (

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