5-year-old Council Grove presidential expert shows her skills on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

COUNCIL GROVE (KSNT) – While many kids around the state spent their president’s day hanging out at home a 5-year old little girl from Council Grove spent her day educating people about the presidents of the United States and stealing hearts on “The Ellen Degeneres Show”.

In a banquet hall filled with 30-plus friends and family. They cheered in excitement as they watched Macey Hensley show off her presidential knowledge.

“Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Adams, Jackson, Van Bren,” sang Macey as she recited 43 presidents of the United States.

Macey first started learning about the presidents by identifying them on money. Of course she says she was asking for everybody’s Jackson. But it’s not just her ability to name them all – it’s the tidbits she knows about their lives.

“But by the time of Washington’s presidency he only had one real tooth left,” said Macey.

And she didn’t stop there…

“John Quincy Adams. He swam naked in the Potomac,” said Macey.

“We are very proud and excited but she is still just Macey. She’s just our little girl, said Nicole Hensley, Macey’s mother.

Who hopes to become president of the United States someday.

“Why do you want to become president? So I can eat all of the candy I want,” said Macey.

Of course mom and dad’s favorite part of the show was – all of it. As for Macey…

“Mostly the Lincoln costume,” said Macey.

A gift from the show – along with a trip to the white house. Macey’s full of trivia about past presidents – but when asked what she would say to the current president if she runs into him…

“I don’t know.”

Macey tells KSNT News what she is most excited about seeing at the white house, is the blue room. Of course blue… it’s her favorite color.

Macey hopes to visit the White House soon, along with her parents, brother, and sister.





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