Federal judge temporarily blocks Obama’s immigration executive order could effect Kansans

TOPEKA (KSNT) — President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration was temporarily blocked by a federal judge in Texas.

His order halted many deportations from the u-s of those caught here illegally. The ruling gives 26 states – including Kansas – time to pursue a lawsuit aiming to permanently stop the order.

The first of Obama’s orders, was to expand a program that protected young immigrants from being deported if they were brought into the u-s illegally as a child was set to start tomorrow. — But now that has changed.

“Because our life right now is here and we do our best efforts to do the best way. We pay taxes, we are trying to do our own company,” said Maria, undocumented Kansan.

Maria is here illegally with her husband Enrique. They have lived in Kansas for 10-years and have their own business. Their kids were born here… The United States is all they know. But now they have to worry about being deported.

“The federal judge got it exactly right. It is great news for the whole country and for our constitution,” said Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State.

US district judge Andrew Hanen’s decision to temporarily block the presidents executive orders to protect illegal immigrants puts millions of undocumented workers like Maria and her husband in a holding pattern.

The judge says that the president acted beyond his authority violating federal law.

Kobach’s been fighting to toughen Kansas’ voter registration laws to catch those who are here illegally – yet try to vote.

“Because the president’s actions are unconstitutional and illegal, then any illegal aliens in Kansas who get this executive animosity, we still regard then in our state as not lawfully present,” said Kobach.

That means they cannot get a driver’s licenses, and they cannot lawfully work, unable to obtain government benefits.

“If we have to go back to Mexico it’s going to be so hard for us because we don’t have anything in Mexico,” said Maria.

Kobach says the ruling will boost the state’s efforts to deny benefits to people in the U.S. and Kansas, illegally.

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